Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013 Eggstravaganza

I am a little bit ashamed to admit this but my kids went to 4 Easter egg hunts this year.  We went to the neighborhood hunt, Patterson egg hunt, Grandma egg hunt, and Easter morning egg hunt.  This really isn't typical for us, but the kids definitely weren't complaining.  We also continued our tradition of dyeing Easter eggs.  Coloring eggs always gives Nate a lot of anxiety.  He lives in fear that the kids are going to spill the dye every where, but for the 6 years or so we have been doing this activity with kids we have yet to have any spills.  The kids always enjoy dying eggs and put a lot of effort into making the ugliest egg, we had quite a few grey eggs this year.  On Easter morning the Easter bunny left the kids a chocolate bunny, a small toy, and quite a few books (apparently the Easter Bunny wants to encourage reading).  We attend church on Easter at my aunts ward to hear my cousin give his farewell talk for his mission.  He did an excellent job!  He is going to be a great missionary!  We spent the rest of Easter spending time with my family.  Since everyone was in town I hosted a very low key Easter dinner for my family.  It was a great weekend!

Spring Break 2013

Our Spring Break this year was very low key, which I feel like happens every year.  It seems like every year during spring break that the kids are sick or something happens to make it a very uneventful break.  This year I was 7 months pregnant during the break, so low key is what we did for spring break, again. Maybe, one year we will get really wild and go on an exotic trip to Utah or something over spring break.  Anyway, even in my current state I did manage to get the kids out for a few activities over the break. We went to the zoo, the golden park (that's what my kids call it, the play equipment is mustard yellow), and Lily attended a princess party with her girl cousins.  Other than that, we mostly did stuff around the house.  Which, if I am honest sometimes it is nice to have nothing going on.  We stayed in our pj's till at least 10 o'clock, did chores everyday (I wanted to prep the kids for summer) had a movie night, played some games and just puttered around our house. It wasn't anything wild and crazy but it was good family time.


Girl Party

Golden Park