Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grant 9 & 10 months

Grant is such a cutie!  At 9 & 10 months he was at a stage where he was constantly underfoot.  He would always crawl over to me and then pull himself up on my legs.  This was usually cute, I would look down and there was his little face looking up at me. However, this habit did get really annoying when I was in the middle of making dinner.  Since I did not give Grant as much attention while I was trying to make dinner he would usually give up on me, go straight to the cupboards, and make a mess with his favorite bowls. This would usually keep him occupied until dinner time or until Nate came home and could off load me. Shortly after Grant turned 10 months he started walking on us.  He was our earliest walker by far.  The walking was really not that much of a pain except at church, where it was already hard to keep him contained.  Walking made church with Grant a full on nightmare!  We are already counting down the days until nursery.  Around the 10 month mark Grant also started waving hi and bye and clapping.  He really is a pretty easy going little guy and we love having him  in our family.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a low key Easter this year.  My parents had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids the week before Easter.  Unfortunately, Lincoln was quarantined from the rest of the family during this time because he had pneumonia, so he couldn't participate. Grandma made sure he got some eggs any way, but he still missed out on a lot of the fun.  Luckily Lincoln was feeling better by the time the actual holiday rolled around so he still had an opportunity to enjoy the traditional Easter festivities. Our family attended the Silverleaf  Easter egg hunt (where the kids got way too much candy) and of course the sneaky Easter Bunny hid our eggs and left some goodies on Easter morning. Grant seemed to enjoy the Easter Egg hunt although he probably only picked up 2 eggs. I think he probably enjoyed being outside more than anything. The kids loved dyeing eggs and got a big kick out of making a few ugly grey eggs.  I teased the kids that the Easter Bunny might not bring treats if they made too many of the eggs ugly.  Lincoln took this warning seriously and left the Easter Bunny a note apologizing for the ugly eggs.  It was really funny.  The kids really love the holidays which makes them so fun!  It was another successful Easter.

Lily Soccer 2014

So instead of coaching football this Spring Nate decided to coach Lily's soccer team.  She loved having her dad for her coach.  Nate did such a nice job. He is great with kids.  Lily had a great season!  She loved having her cousin Eve on her team and she always had a great attitude about playing (even when it was really cold).  She is not afraid of going after the ball and as a result she scored at least one goal every game. She is such a cute little player.  I am excited to see if this is something she wants to continue doing in the future.   

Carson Flag Football 2014

Carson had a good season of Flag football this Spring.  The highlight of the season was definitely when he caught an interception and ran it back for a touch down.  He was so excited!  It mad the whole season.  Nate didn't couch this time around, but he still helped out at the games where he could.  Lily and Lincoln were also good little helpers.  Carson's team made it to the second round of the play offs and then lost, but it was still a good season.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We spent bring break this year how we usually do, by hanging out close to home.  We lounged around in the mornings in our pj's and just enjoyed not having any where to be.  That doesn't mean that we didn't do things, we just didn't do things that required us to get going early.  Over Spring break we made it to the zoo, the fish park, the movies (I took the kids to see the Lego movie), bogus basin (Nate took the older boys skiing), and to Settlers Park (where Lincoln shot off a rocket he got for his birthday).  It was a totally low key break, but I loved it! I loved just hanging out with my kids! Spring Break 2014 was a success!

Rocket Launch

Fish Park


Basketball Spring 2014

Carson completed his 3rd season of upward basketball this spring.  It is always so fun to see how he improves through out the season.  This year Carson was a defensive animal!  He hustled hard and as a result got many steals for his team.  His team was really good this season and went undefeated.  Carson had fun and really enjoyed his team this year.