Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

The sneaky leprechaun visited our house again this year.  He was even more mischievous than usual this year.  He left us a little present in our bathroom.  The kids thought this little bathroom escapade was very hilarious.  The leprechaun of course also died our milk green and left us some delicious chocolate coins.  The kids looked super cute in their green church attire so I had to snap a quick picture, of course none of the boys were cooperative so they both look a little goofy in the picture.  The kids always enjoy the yearly visit of our leprechaun friend.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Basketball 2013

Carson finished his second season of basketball last weekend.  His team this year was called the Warriors. He had a great season and improved tremendously from his first year.  Carson was a lot more confident with his dribbling and shooting, and kept excellent control of the ball and scored almost every game.  In one game Carson was on fire and managed to score 6 times!  He had a really fun season!  He worked hard at all of his practices and you could definitely see that he improved by the end of the season.  Go Warriors!


Nate took Carson out of school this last Friday to take him skiing for the first time.  Despite a rough start and a lot of falling, Carson kept trying. By the end of the day Carson was off the bunny hill and going down a normal ski hill.  Nate was way proud of him.  He said Carson never gave up despite a lot of hard falls and was determined to get the hang of it.  They had a great time together! I think that skiing is definitely going to be a sport that Carson takes an interest in.  Way to go buddy!