Saturday, January 19, 2013


My parents organized a trip to McCall for the family in December.  It happened to be the same weekend as the Newtown shooting, so it was especially nice to get away and just enjoy our family and children. It was beautiful up in McCall!  A soft snow fell the entire time we were there and the place just felt beautiful and peaceful.  The first morning we were there we went out to breakfast at the giant pancake house in McCall with the entire Pearce clan.  I pretty much let my kids choose what they wanted for breakfast (don't judge me, we were on vacation).  That may have been a mistake, because I let Lincoln get a "giant" cinnamon roll.  I thought "giant," how big could it really be. Well, the cinnamon roll was as big as his entire plate and practically floating in butter and sugar.  Lincoln was beyond thrilled.  But despite his appetite for sugar he didn't even come close to finishing it (thankfully).  We spent most of our time in McCall playing in the snow, playing games with the family, hanging out, and going to the pool.  The day we went sledding, most of the family lasted for about 2 hours and were ready to go inside.  Carson and Lincoln wanted to keep going so Nate stayed and sledded with them for an extra hour and a half.  The boys have a lot of stamina when it comes to playing in the snow.  It was a really fun trip!  Thanks Mom and Dad for pulling this trip together for us.
Lily kept getting snow stuck in her long eye lashes

Sandi and Eve going down the hill.

My cute kiddos.  I think Lincoln is sad because he just got put in time out for not sharing the sled

Our family.  Everyone looks good but me with my top hat beanie (Girls! What are sisters for but to tell you your hat looks weird in your family photo!)

Nate decided to try the little sled, he didn't get very far

Grandma taking Lily and Eve to the truck to warm up

All my boys decided to try and go down the hill all together

Carson ended up dragging behind the others

Ahhh, at least one picture with everyone happy

Lily enjoying her first time sledding solo.

Heather and the boys with the giant icicle Dad found

Christmas tree

 We went out and got our Christmas tree the first week of December, as is our family tradition.  Within the 2 hour span of this endeavor Lincoln started to get sick.  If you will notice in the first picture Lincoln looks rather unhappy, that would be because of the strep throat that was starting to kick in.  By the time we got home with our tree and our pizza dinner the kid was completely miserable, and went straight to bed.  Sooo, we decided to delay the tree decorating until Lincoln started to feel better and he could participate.  It took us about 4 days to get Lincoln recovered enough where he wanted to participate in decorating the tree, and even then he was a bit grumpy about it.  Thus, there are pretty much no pictures of him decorating the tree.  Despite this we had a good time decorating the tree as a family and we enjoyed a very beautiful tree this Christmas season.